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WrapUp London 2022 - helping keep the streets warm.

The weather is colder and our evenings are darker for longer. With winter in full force, those living on the streets are feeling the subzero temperatures more than ever.

Without being able to find a shelter for the cold winter nights a warm winter coat is very much appreciated. Homeless people are even more at risk of experiencing unbearable levels of cold this winter and a winter coat would ease this suffering considerably and thanks to Hands on London we were able to give out over 90 coats in the last two weeks at our outreach points on the Strand and at Waterloo.

Hands On London recognised back in 2011 that winter coats were an unaffordable luxury for lots of people across London and they set about coordinating donations of winter coats to be given to charities that could pass them directly to the people who need them the most.

Now, with an ever growing movement, WrapUp UK carries out this annual collection and distribution across many cities in the UK and in 2022 we’re very grateful to be able to have received a donation.

WrapUp UK’s Roots

When it began in 2011, WrapUp London aimed to collect and distribute donated winter coats so that those in need could wrap up and keep warm during the cold, wet winter months. The campaign was a huge success, and swiftly expanded across the UK with donation points being set up in several key cities.

The Rotary Club and Human Appeal charity became involved, and now WrapUp UK is in its 11th successive year, having successfully collected and distributed nearly 200,000 coats over that time.

Who gets the coats?

HandsOn London works with over 100 charities across the UK. The charities such as ourselves support a range of vulnerable people, all of whom will benefit directly from the donation of winter coats. The recipients of the coats might be adults and children fleeing domestic violence, homeless people, refugees, elderly people and vulnerable people in crisis.

Below is a picture of our volunteers proudly standing next to the many coats donated from HandsOn London

Picture by Rebekah Walsh - Fast58

If you've been inspired, why not help us ? The Fast58 fundraising event is in February and we would love your help. If you have any raffle or auction prizes you would like to donate, please email: If you would like to attend please visit our events page.

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